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Aims of Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio aims to provide a space and opportunities in which performers can engage in the creative process, exploring themselves and the world around them in order to communicate to an audience in a way that entertains, challenges and transforms.

Origin of “Golden Ratio”

Revealing itself to be a magical element to nature, music, art, the human body and life itself we have called our company Golden Ratio.

The golden ratio is an extraordinary thing and it appears almost everywhere you look in life from the diamond shapes in a pineapple to the dimensions of a perfect rectangle, to the amount of seeds in a sunflower. Its expression is found almost any place we look in nature from the spiral of a snails shell to the dimensions of a sea horses tail. Occuring in maths, nature, architecture and art the Golden Ratio is often denoted by the Greek letter phi (seen in our logo). It is also the golden ratio that determines why we find particular human faces attractive.

Mathematicians have studied the golden ratio because of its unique and interesting properties. The Golden Ratio is an irrational mathematical constant, is the most irrational number and is approximately 1.6180339887.

The earliest evidence of human appreciation for the pleasing qualities of these proportions is found in the pyramids at Giza and even if it is not certain that the Egyptians knew of the ratio, there is no question that the Greeks had been able to calculate it. They called it the “golden ratio.” Not understanding why, they knew that it felt good and it looked good, and they incorporated it into much of their art and into many of their buildings (including the Parthenon, which is generally considered to be antiquity’s most perfect structure).

The secret was lost with the fall of Greece, but it began to resurface in the 16th century when Leonardo da Vinci utilized it in his painting and sculpture. At least since the Renaissance, many artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio especially in the form of the golden rectangle, in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the golden ratio believing this proportion to be aesthetically pleasing. Salvador Dali also used the Golden Ratio in his art.

But it is not just the artistic eye that appreciates the golden ratio. The artistic ear also does as musical harmonics are also based on the golden ratio.

Golden Ratio recently produced Billy Elliot The Musical in association with BYT.

Berkshire’s West End Success Story.

Billy Elliot The Musical
Based on the smash hit film, Billy Elliot the Musical is an inspirational story of one boy’s dream to realise his ambitions against the odds. Set in the North East of England against the background of the historic 1984/85 miners’ strike, Billy pursues his passion for dance in secret to avoid disapproval of his struggling family.

“Funny, uplifting and immensely entertaining…”

© 2008 Billy Broadway LLC

The Search for Berkshire’s Billy

Back in January 2011 auditions were opened to  young performers with singing, dancing, acting or gymnastic talent. We appealled to schools, colleges, drama groups, dancing schools and theatre companies to help spread the word as soon as they could to all young talented performers in the Berkshire area. This was a wonderful opportunity for the talent of their pupils to be showcased and celebrated.

Co-Director and Choreographer Juliette Caton said “We were looking for raw talent and we found it. Billy needed to be aged 10 -12, be a strong dancer with a clear voice and a good actor. Billy is a very athletic and challenging role. Somewhere in Berkshire we knew there was a young boy, who just like Billy has a passion for dance and we needed to find him to give him and the other young performers who are now creating this production, the opportunity that could potentially change their lives forever.”

As it turns out two extraordinary young talents were discovered in Dominic McAinsh and Luke Fraser Yates who both shared the title role. We had found two boys who deserved the opportunity to play the role of Billy and both gave extraordinary performances as did the rest of the  40 strong company who played to standing ovations.

The news we had all been waiting for…

We were delighted and proud when Golden Ratio’s Billy Company was selected by the Billy London Creative Team to perform at London’s Victoria Palace Theatre in the West End Gala on Sunday 17th July 2011.

The dream had come true…

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